Inspired Personal Development

How well does your staff cope with clients who are demanding or blaming? More generally, how well does your staff cope with stress? How’s your stress management?
My speeches and workshops help participants get to the heart of stress. Inspired Personal Development comes from the inside out. Valuing our self-worth helps us to remain open and curious instead of reactive. We can be fully human, regardless of the circumstances.

Some recent feedback:

“I loved how engaging your presentation was. You gave us time to reflect on our own experience.”

“Discussing blame in the workshop will help me at work and at home.”

I speak from the heart–valuing the individuals in the room, skilled at responding to the audience’s needs, and inspired by the possibilities.

My approach is informed by my experience as a family therapist, manager, training consultant, and meditation teacher. It’s also inspired by difficult experiences, including cancer and chronic illness. I’ve been happily married and a proud step-mom since 2001.

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