Inspired Personal Development

My workshops and speeches provide insights and strategies for breaking self-defeating thought patterns, unlocking creative energy, and cheerin?????????????????????g up.

My audiences come away with experience using tools—what you can actually do—to manage stress better, enjoy others more, and appreciate the amazing fact that we’re alive.

Experiential activities give audience members the opportunity to practice the main points, whether deepening a sense of presence, rousing confidence or appreciation, freeing up creative thinking, or boosting resilience. Brief discussion periods invite audience members to explore the obstacles and opportunities in their everyday lives. Participants leave a session with skills to practice and a positive outlook.

In addition to my experience as a family therapist, manager, and training consultant, I have been extensively trained and authorized to teach mindfulness meditation for over 15 years. I love to collaborate with my clients and audiences, valuing the wisdom that arises in the process.

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